Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle


TUD, TUO and ESK I think are good plays.


im invested in nwx. they just aquired some really good land recently, still dirt cheap stocks. lots of potential. Not one you listed, but worth a look. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/general-gold-resources-fully-permitted-110000367.html


Etr.cn is the one I'm invested in. Still early and the cheapest by market cap (at time of purchase several months ago) for a GT miner with at least some preliminary discoveries. It has a few promising sites and they just closed a tranche to cover their drilling this year and are deploying in July. This news has created some upward price movement as well recently. Now time for the obvious do your own DD and not a financial advisor add on.


Ive moved away from the Golden Triangle. Drilling costs are too high and they are very seasonal. For Canada the Gander district, Newfoundland or Red Lake, Ontario are better areas to invest imho


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